Dr. Sheryl Smith
    Orthopedic Specialist

Dr. Smith gave me the options and we made some informed decisions which turned into a great life-changing event. After the surgery I was very grateful! I was finally without the pain I had lived with for years!

Despite being free of the constant ankle pain, after just a few weeks I sat in a chair depressed about what I felt I still couldn't do- I had been told "NO WEIGHT ON THAT LEG!" for a prescribed duration. I'm a car guy who races and works on other racers' cars---and I couldn't play!  I was feeling so down. A really fun part of my life seemed gone and beyond me.

But I decided there was something I could do. I could do alot from a wheel chair. In fact, I could do anything- just not as fast.  After just a few weeks I was able to use a scooter, and later I  was able to fully pursue my passion thanks to Dr Sheri M. Smith and her staff at OSSO.  They returned me my life.
Johnny Cook
Race Car Builder
Tom Green
V.P. Universal Insurance Agency, Inc.

Dear Future Patients,

Dr. Sheri Smith performed an ankle fusion and peroneal tendon repair on my right ankle in 2012. The day after Christmas I stopped wearing my walking boot and took the first pain free steps I had taken in over five years. I have since traveled to Costa Rica, participated in the Hotter "N" Hell bicycle tour in Wichita Falls, Texas and gone black bear hunting in Alberta, Canada.

Dr. Smith was confident, compassionate and reassuring. She was relentless in her efforts to identify all of the sources of my discomfort and surgically resolve my issues.

I am most appreciative!
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Suite 201
Oklahoma City, OK  73114
OKFootMD   Dr. Sheryl Smith
Hello, my name is Johnny. When I was sixteen I received major injuries in a car accident. Mostly my legs, compound fracture to my left lower leg, both knees damaged, and in my right lower leg many nerves were damaged which caused my ankle to have very limited ability to move well. Thirty-four years of dragging that foot wore it out.

Over time, a non-weight-bearing bone used to stabilize the ankle had rolled inward placing weight on it causing a stress fracture and a lot of pain! I went back to the original surgeon who had successfully repaired my knees so many years before. He looked at the ankle he said "OH NO NOT ME!!! You need to see Dr. Smith".