Dr. Sheryl Smith
    Orthopedic Specialist
Why we like Star Ankle Replacement: The STAR™ Ankle is used worldwide for more ankle replacements than any other device. It has a long clinical history - the current design has been in use for over 20 years, and prior generations of the STAR were approved for use as early as 1978.

The STAR is the only 3-piece mobile bearing total ankle available in the United States, as approval for such a device in the US requires a rigorous FDA PMA process that is very expensive and time-consuming. The process to get the STAR approved took nearly 10 years, and was approved in 2009.  The STAR has been well documented and analyzed in papers. 85% of papers analyzing commonly used total ankle devices in the United States focus on the STAR. 

The STAR has been shown in clinical papers to have a 90% likelihood to remain implanted for 10 years. No other total ankle replacement approved for use in the US has published any survivability information for their implants.
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