Dr. Sheryl Smith
    Orthopedic Specialist
Many of our patients come to us with problems and injuries sustained while performing their work. On the job accidents occur, and when you need to seek medical attention we are here to get you back on your feet.

Occupational Foot Care, or Workers Compensation, is a service provided by your employer if you have sustained an injury while on the job.  Dr. Smith is proud to accept patients who have suffered an injury and require treatment.

Common occupational foot problems include:  fractures; contusions; musculoskeletal trauma, such as tendon tears; tendonitis; puncture wounds; crush injuries; and, overuse injuries to the foot and ankle.
There are two major categories of work-related foot injuries. The first category includes foot injuries from punctures, crushing, sprains, and lacerations. They account for 10 percent of all reported disabling injuries. The second group of injuries includes those resulting from slips, trips and falls. They account for 15 percent of all reported disabling injuries.

If your injuries require surgery, we’ll do our best to give you the care you need and will keep you up to date on your healing so that your employer is aware of your progress.


Accidents and injuries can occur without warning so it is important to recognize the hazards of your work place.
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Additional hazards for foot injury exist in outdoor jobs, which involve freezing temperatures, or wetness in low temperature: frostbite and trench foot.

Our goal is to get you examined as quickly as possible to ascertain the depth and scope of the injury. We will take a medical history and a work related history to determine if the injury occurred as the result of an accident, or from misuse over time.  You will likely require x-rays and may require other imaging such as MRI and CT Scan. Dr. Smith will want to determine the full scope of the musculoskeletal trauma.


A wide range of symptoms can occur with occupational related foot and ankle problems. The one thing they almost all have in common is the resulting urgent need for medical care.


Treatment depends on the injury, and can range from physical therapy to surgery. Almost all occupational injuries require some form of long range planning and care to avoid and prevent further injury.